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Knights Templar
Provincial Priory of Sussex

Sussex Preceptories

There are currently twelve Knights Templar Preceptories within the Province of Sussex. They are all listed below with when and where they meet. By selected a Preceptory you can view futher information on it.

Contact with a Preceptory can be made through the Provincial Vice Chancellor.

Sussex Preceptory - No 125

Registered in 1872, meets 1st Thursday: 4, 10, 12 (Inst) in Eastbourne

Masonic Hall, Eastbourne

De Warenne Preceptory - No 126

Registered in 1873, meets 1st Saturday: 2 (Inst), 4, 11 in Brighton

Sussex Masonic Centre, Brighton

The Duke of Connaught & Strathearn's Himalaya Preceptory - No 137

Registered in 1877, meets 1st Monday: 4, 10 (Inst). 3rd Monday: 6 in Littlehampton

Masonic Hall, Littlehampton

Holy Sepulchre Preceptory - No 174

Registered in 1902, meets 3rd Monday: 2 (Inst), 5, 11 in St Leonards

Masonic Centre, St Leonards-on-Sea

The Preceptory of St Richard - No 201

Registered in 1916, meets 3rd Tuesday: 2, 6 (Inst), 10 in Chichester

Masonic Hall, Chichester

Thornton Preceptory - No 208

Registered in 1919, meets 1st Friday: 2, 4 (Inst), 11 in Brighton

Sussex Masonic Centre, Brighton

Crux Christi Preceptory - No 400

Registered in 1965, meets 1st Thursday: 3, 6, 11 (Inst) in Horsham

Normandy Centre, Horsham

Holy Cross Preceptory - No 470

Registered in 1976, meets 2nd Friday: 3. 3rd Friday: 6 (Inst). 1st Friday: 10 in Uckfield

Masonic Hall, Uckfield

Bright Morning Star Preceptory - No 477

Registered in 1976, meets 2nd Saturday: 2. 1st Wednesday: 6 (Inst) in Brighton & Peacehaven

Sussex Masonic Centre, Brighton

William of Normandy Preceptory - No 488

Registered in 1979, meets 3rd Tuesday: 3, 7. 4th Tuesday: 11 (Inst) in Battle

Masonic Hall, Battle

The Jerusalem Cross Preceptory - No 571

Registered in 1991, meets 1st Thursday: 5, 7, 9 (Inst) in Peacehaven

East Brighton Masonic Centre, Peacehaven

The John Forrest Preceptory - No 619

Registered in 1999, meets 3rd Saturday: 6 (Inst) in Peacehaven

East Brighton Masonic Centre, Peacehaven

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