The United, Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales.
Knights Templar
Provincial Priory of Sussex

The Preceptory of St Richard


Eminent PreceptorE. Kt. C. Doe
First ConstableE. Kt. S. Purnell
Second ConstableKt. B. Read
ChaplainV.E. Kt.A R Froom
TreasurerE. Kt.J. Hickman
RegistrarE. Kt.J.A. Andrews
MarshalE. Kt. T. Adams
Deputy MarshalE. Kt. S Campbell
AlmonerE. Kt. A. Thompson
First HeraldKt. M. Cornell
Second HeraldKt. J. Stallwood
St.B.(B.)Kt. A. Shephard
St.B.(V.B.)Kt. H. Rasca
Banner BearerKt. B. Christiansen
Capt of GdsE. Kt. D. Morrow
GuardKt. J. Waymark
Arch of Steel
Immediate Past PreceptorE.Kt K Hollingsworth


Tuesday 20th Oct 2020 in Masonic Hall, Chichester
Tuesday 16th Feb 2021 in Masonic Hall, Chichester
Tuesday 15th Jun 2021 in Masonic Hall, Chichester



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